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Lavado de bandejas automatizado
Lavado de bandejas Oftálmica.

Effective cleaning of all sides 
A nozzle ring cleans the tray with water jets.

Removing larger particles of dirt.

Before and after 
Reliable cleaning of even heavily polluted trays. 



Job trays contaminated by polish can contribute to dirty and scratched lenses as well as conveyor belt issues. Insomec tray washing solution TWA, powered and manufactured, by Insomec, offers washing, cleaning and drying in one machine. The reliable tray washer comes with adjustable cleaning frequencies and various cleaning programs, ranging from maintenance to intensive cleaning. The tray flow remains uninterrupted.


To accommodate all kinds of different tray sizes, it is equipped with exchangeable grippers and an adjustable conveyor belt. The process starts with a pre-cleaning step, removing larger particles from the tray. Afterwards, a handling system transfers the job tray to the processing chamber, where it is soaked with detergent and water, followed by a subsequent highpressure cleaning process. Oscillating movements allow for efficient cleaning of the entire surface.


The specially developed cleaning detergent guarantees reliable and reproducible cleaning results. Integrated pre and fine filters prevent contamination of the cleaning fluid. The drying process completes the cleaning cycle. All in all, the TWA is the reliable solution for a long-term clean production.


· Suitable for all surfacing and coating job trays
· Adjustable cleaning parameters
· Easy-to-remove dirt drawer
· Easy maintenance



Internacional aplicacion PCT.
PTC/ES 2018/070578

adjustable cleaning programs:          ~ 40 job trays/hour
maintenance cleaning                         ~ 20 job trays/hourintensive
power consumption                                5 kVA avg.
air requirement                                        6 bar (87 psi)
water requirement                                  city water
water tank                                                 one water tank with clear
  water                                                          and detergent TW 100

weight                                                        650 kg (1433 lb.)
dimensions (width x depth x height)   1394 x 2680 x 1989 mm
(55 x 106 x 79 inches)
All data subject to change without notice.
Please verify details with Insomec.


 TWA modulo
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